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Quality hand made custom orthotics

Hand made custom orthotics are our specialty


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the fitting process

Step 1

Have your patient sitting in a chair. Make sure the knee is at a 90 degree angle directly above the ankle. Place the plantar surface of the heel on impression foam making sure the foot is centered. Grasp anterior ankle to stabilize the STJ. Push the
heel down to full depth of the impression foam using pressure applied to the top of the patient’s knee.

Step 2

Distribute hand pressure rolling the foot laterally towards the 5th metatarsal head pushing to full depth of the impression foam. Continue using hand pressure to push the 2nd metatarsal head to the full depth of the impression foam. Push the 1st metatarsal head to the full depth of the impression
foam in the same manner allowing for a neutral positioning of the foot, ankle, and knee. Plantar flex all toes by pushing them down into the impression foam separately, starting with the 5th toe and finishing with the 1st.

Step 3

Grasp the ankle stabilizing the STJ while lifting out the foot in its neutral position, starting with the heel. Once these steps have been completed on both feet please inspect your impressions looking for
neutral heel alignment with medial and lateral edges at the same height.

*Please provide a tracing of the patients current insole for fitting

Custom manufactured Orthopedic devices for

Professionally sized for every shoe application. Orthoses are fabricated using a 3-D volumetric model of the patient’s foot and lower leg, and is made of raw materials specifically designed for the patient.

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