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Hand made custom orthotics are our specialty


Smith orthotics provides custom orthotic lab services, using multiple device applications prescribed by healthcare professionals.  Positive molds are created using semi-weight bearing impression foam or plaster slipper casting techniques.  All Orthotic devices are fully customizable with multiple top cover options and client specific device selections.

the process

Receive your molding kit

We’ll send you your kit right away

Mold your foot

Use the kit you recieve to make a custom mold of your foot

Return the kit to us

Send it back and we’ll do the rest

Custom manufactured Orthopedic devices for

Professionally sized for every shoe application. Orthoses are fabricated using a 3-D volumetric model of the patient’s foot and lower leg, and is made of raw materials specifically designed for the patient.

Work Boots

Ski Boots

Golf Shoes

Dress Shoes

Casual Shoes


Baseball Cleats

Soccer Cleats

“My insoles came quick and have changed my life! I can't say enough good things about Smith Orthotics”

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